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Who Is OSHCare

OSHCare Australia Pty Ltd (OSHCare) was founded to assist education and migration agents, schools and organisations in the placement and facilitation of mandatory health insurance cover for their migrant clients through a market amassment strategy.

There are several thousand education and migration agents in Australia. A significant proportion of these onshore agents do not have the buying power to obtain either agreements or commercial terms with the major health insurance companies due to bringing in minimal migrant numbers per annum.

With over 25 combined years of experience within the corporate and international insurance market, we have the skills, capabilities and relationships with Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) approved health insurers to help deliver greater benefits and services to agents, schools and organisations. In addition, our value added services can positively add to the new migrants experience and also act as a growth mechanism for your business.

It is important to note that OSHCare do not provide any advice to the new migrant as our relationship is purely with the agent, school or organisation. Our role is to provide access to markets and services that may not have been previously available. We make no representations around the suitability of health insurance cover except that it meets the minimum requirements as set out by the DIBP. Agents, schools and organisations should direct their clients to the insurers product fact sheets to review if these product are suitable for their needs.

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Our value added services come at no extra expense to clients